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Friday, May 27, 2011

Anti Phishing Solution by HDFC Bank

Phishing became big headache for the banking site. Because many people loss entire bank balance due to phishing and if it happens with many customer of a same bank then bank is also loss reputation. You find lot of anti phishing group working on phishing solution.
If you are customer of HDFC Bank then you must mark that “Secure Access Image and Message”. Whenever you enter your Username or Customer ID and click on continue, in the response the server provide an Image which you previously select, when you first time use the online banking.

Each Customer ID is mapped to a unique image. The customer has to verify the image before the providing the authentication details.
A hacker group can develop a phishing site for the bank but it is difficult for them to create the entire Image and map them to exact Customer ID. If the bank comes up with more random Customer ID then the security will be more. The user should not share their password as well as their Customer ID with any one for more security because attacker can know the “Secure Access Image and Message” from that Customer ID.

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